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SAP Chemical Executive Advisory Council 2023

SAP Chemical Executive Advisory Council 2023

CEAC Spotlight

Enterprise Product Development with Linx-AS

Jeff Frye
Klaus Brettschneider
Director of Sustainable Product Development
September 19, 2023

As IT strategies pivot toward cloud adoption, SAP Enterprise Product Development (SAP EPD)—the emerging product lifecycle management platform—offers chemical companies robust functionality to complement standard S/4HANA PLM solutions. In this session presented to CEAC members, learn how SAP EPD is successfully being deployed today to foster more efficient supplier collaboration and data sharing and what steps you can take to leverage these emerging technologies.

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Transforming Product Development for Process Manufacturing Businesses

A CIMdata commentary
Companies in process manufacturing industries have many unique challenges to overcome to get products to market and sustain them successfully—e.g., complex recipe management, performing formula analysis, managing artwork, ensuring labeling accuracy, and proactively managing product safety and hazardous goods management.

In addition, these businesses must often contend with fragmented IT environments due to the acquisition of other companies and the proliferation of non-standard IT tools.

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Product Lifecycle Management Consulting

Strategy – PLM Visioning

What does PLM mean for the chemicals industry? How do you design a strategic yet practical roadmap for R&D transformation? Learn more about Linx-AS Vision Methodology for PLM.

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ROI Now for R&D Transformation

This packaged solution of business processes, solution enhancements, and project accelerators delivers a best-practice SAP recipe development implementation with faster time to value.

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The DNA of a Digital Twin

In this white paper, learn how the capture, structure, and maintenance of core product data in SAP PLM can set the stage for a successful digital twin in your own organization.

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Sustainability Spotlight

The Sustainability Thread – Designing your product data model to drive green R&D

R&D departments face increasing challenges in designing products for a more sustainable world. In this 2023 SAP PLM Info Days presentation, Klaus Brettschneider, director of sustainability solutions at Linx-AS, demonstrates how your product data model helps to address these challenges, and why a sustainability thread will help companies react quickly to issues like the UK plastic tax, product declaration requirements, and predictive product carbon footprints.

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Simplify ESG Reporting with SAP Sustainability Control Tower (SCT)

BTPXpress for SCT accelerates your ESG reporting process while unlocking key insights into aligning operations with your long-term sustainability goals.

The package includes: SAP Sustainability Control Tower setup and configuration; data analysis and mapping for key ESG metrics from standards such as GRI, TCFD, EU taxonomy; and strategic consulting from our sustainability experts for ongoing process improvement.

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EHS Consulting Videos

Linx-AS EHS Consulting Overview

Versed in both the technology and business processes of EHS, Linx-AS has the expertise to help you realize the value of your investment in SAP, extending compliance integration across the enterprise to areas such as product development, worker safety, emissions management, and more.

Incident Management Accelerated

Take a quick look at our rapid implementation package for SAP EHS—ROI Now for Incident Management. This bundle of best practices, software enhancements, delivery accelerators, and support shrinks your project timeline and costs.

Mobilize Your Safety Force

Take a tour of a Take-A-Note, a hazard reporting & analytics app that is part of WorkSafe Cloud — a suite of risk management applications for SAP environment, health, and safety management developed by Linx-AS.

Chemicals Customer Success Stories

CEAC Special

FREE PLM Vision Workshop

Take advantage of a free online workshop with our PLM practice leadership to help you design an SAP PLM roadmap to fit you current and future business needs.

The session is based on our Vision Methodology™ for PLM which lays out a strategic approach to implementing the breadth of functionality available in the enterprise solution, ensuring best-practice business process and logistics integration.

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Chemicals in the Blogosphere

SAP Partner Linx-AS: Digital Innovation with Core Industry Roots

Check out this partner spotlight on SAP News Center, featuring an interview with Jeff Frye, president of Linx-AS. Jeff discusses the state of the chemicals industry, the impact of the pandemic, digital transformation, and more.

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Chemicals & SAP S/4HANA: The Winning Formula for R&D Transformation

The stresses on chemical manufacturers are many. Supply chain disruption, demand for customization, and ever-changing regulations are forcing companies to rethink their digital strategies for product development.

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PLMin10..Everything you wanted to know about SAP PLM, 10 minutes at a time.

Introducing WorkSafe Cloud

Get Ahead of Risk

For large companies, managing workplace risk is just that—managing.
Not getting ahead of it, or preventing it, or predicting the next threat.

Introducing WorkSafe Cloud by Linx-AS—a suite of apps, content, analytics, cloud connectors, and more—that can turn your organization’s risk management strategy into a proactive health & safety culture.

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