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White Paper – The DNA of a Digital Twin

White Paper – The DNA of a Digital Twin

White Paper: The DNA of a Digital Twin

How SAP PLM creates the building blocks for real business value

The digital-twin concept—where you create a real-time, accurate, virtual rendition of a product—is a compelling one for businesses, and for R&D, supply chain, and manufacturing organizations in particular. Imagine virtually rendered product models with IoT feeding real-time performance data back to development, while design teams, informed by artificial intelligence and big data, turn out innovative products faster than ever.

While exciting scenarios like this are not yet reality, they will be, and businesses need to be ready or risk falling behind. So, what can SAP customers do now to prepare their data, systems, and processes to enable these advanced scenarios and get the most value from putting the digital twin concept into practice? The answer lies in SAP Product Lifecycle Management (SAP PLM).

Read this white paper and learn how the capture, structure, and maintenance of core product data in SAP PLM can set the stage for a successful digital twin in your own organization. Topics include:

  • Understanding the digital twin concept
  • How to create the right foundation for a digital twin
  • How SAP PLM can help you build and maintain a digital twin

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