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White Paper – Why CIOs Shouldn’t Fear Enterprise UX

White Paper – Why CIOs Shouldn’t Fear Enterprise UX

Why CIOs Shouldn’t Fear Enterprise UX

The influx of new enterprise-enhancing technologies has sufficiently muddied the SAP user experience landscape. More and more, CIOs are being dragged into feature-function technology debates instead of focusing on strategically improving user productivity—the ultimate booster of business performance. In this paper, we strip away the jargon, demystify the key UX technologies available to SAP customers, and lay out a methodical approach for addressing user experience initiatives across your SAP implementation. Also,

  • Explore key drivers of the SAP user experience movement;
  • Understand the impactful developments that SAP has made on the UX front;
  • Learn how to leverage third-party software and standard SAP technologies already at your disposal;
  • Optimize IT spend and TCO for enterprise technology

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