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Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Consulting

The sustainability thread connects the supply chain, R&D, and operations to stakeholders, creating brand value and reducing compliance risks.

Linx-AS has helped leading cosmetic companies fulfill their public commitments to ethically source mica from their supply chains.

Sustainable Products

From designing greener packaging to ensuring traceability of component materials, enabling the sustainability thread to connect product data from sourcing through development, manufacture, and distribution  is a critical component to your sustainability strategy.

We can help you with:

  • Optimizing your product data model to navigate the dynamic regulatory and compliance landscape
  • Protecting your brand by ensuring materials such as mica, palm oil, cobalt and others are properly documented as ethically sourced
  • Reducing plastic tax costs and managing recycled content in product packaging
  • Introducing LCAs into R&D to drive green product development
  • Complying with RoHS, WEEE, REACH, and other regulations

Carbon & Climate

As air and water regulations move from voluntary to mandatory, leveraging digital platforms to automate the monitoring, measuring, and calculations are critical for accessing timely, accurate data to drive sustainability performance.

We can help you with:

  • Calculating the carbon footprint on corporate and product level
  • Centralizing emissions compliance requirements, permits, and automate tasks
  • Automating the collection of utility data and scope 2 GHG emissions calculation
  • Managing water compliance around withdrawal, consumption, and discharge
  • Integrating emissions reporting data into your ESG framework

Linx-AS is automating the collection of utility data to reduce manual effort in scope 2 GHG reporting and carbon footprint calculation.

Linx-AS offers customers a two-day workshop to establish reporting frameworks and map ESG data to the sources of record.

ESG Data & Reporting

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) reporting draws upon diverse data sets. Mapping the sources and systems across your organization and digitalizing the data streams moves you from reactive reporting to proactive KPI management.

We can help you with:

  • Establishing a platform for real-time ESG reporting and KPI management
  • Mapping the sources and systems across your organization and digitalizing ESG data collection
  • Reporting for the most common standards, such as GRI, TCFD, EU Taxonomy and more with pre-defined ESG metrics
  • Linking your initiatives to your sustainability targets to monitor and improve performance
  • Providing leadership with transparency on core ESG metrics

Go Digital.

Let Linx-AS help streamline your initiatives

to improve sustainability performance.

Sustainability Services

From sustainable products to carbon & climate to ESG reporting, we can help digitalize your processes and improve sustainability performance.

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Digitalization Strategy

Digitalization Strategy

Align sustainability strategy with IT operations to create a digitalization roadmap.

Green R&D Strategy

Green R&D Strategy

Understand how lifecycle assessments can be leveraged in the front end of innovation to drive sustainable product development.

ESG Data Mapping

ESG Data Mapping

Identify the transactional sources and systems of your ESG data and map them to the required reporting frameworks.

Carbon Footprint Management

Carbon Footprint Management

Streamline the calculation scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emissions for your company and the products you manufacture.

Emission, Water & Waste Reporting

Emission, Water & Waste Reporting

Track and report on air pollutants, GHG emissions, and wastewater emissions with automated calculations.

Automated Utility Data Collection

Automated Utility Data Collection

Streamline the collection of utility data for multiple use cases such as carbon footprint calculation, GHG reporting, invoice payment automation, and more.

Extended Producer Responsibility

Extended Producer Responsibility

Proactively manage the evolving compliance requirements of EPR and plastic taxes for packaging.

Improving sustainability performance takes accurate, timely data.

Let Linx-AS help design your sustainability thread.

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SAP Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability Footprint Management

Decarbonize your value chain with carbon accounting software that calculates your corporate and product carbon footprint.

Sustainability Control Tower

Automated, auditable, compliant reporting with actual data & insights to embed sustainability into business processes

Responsible Design & Production

Holistically manage packaging and regulatory risk across global markets and support transition to sustainable portfolio.

Environment Management

Track all aspects of environmental impact from the corporate level down to operations with a flexible and auditable process for calculating emissions and generation of waste.

Supporting Technologies

Green Token

Track comingled materials in products using digital twin, segregated or mass balancing accounting, and blockchain technology to prove sustainability.


Automate data collection, transformation, and integration into SAP sustainability solutions.

SAP Sustainability Data Exchange

Target scope 3 emissions reduction and drive sustainability using an interoperable, cloud-based, industry-agnostic solution to drive scalability, standardization, and trust in carbon data exchange across your supply chain.

Product Lifecycle Management

Collaborate with partners, co-manufacturers, and supply chain stakeholders to seamless exchange sustainability-related data on your products.

Achieve Faster Time to Value with Linx-AS Sustainability Solutions & Accelerators