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Linx-AS PLM Vision Methodology

User Experience Visioning

SAP user experience (UX) is rapidly evolving, offering customers a promised land of business productivity—unfortunately getting there can be a confusing journey.

Linx-AS Vision Methodology™ for Enterprise User Experience (UEx Vision) is designed to help SAP customers navigate the SAP UX landscape and develop a strategic road map to increase user and business productivity. This two-to three-week engagement is a strategic analysis of your enterprise users and IT landscape that identifies productivity improvement opportunities, prioritizes initiatives based on an impact-investment index (Tune-Up, Reengineer, Develop), and lays out high-level solution designs.

To achieve a UEx Vision for your organization, our team will conduct user research and educational workshops, allowing us to uncover usability issues at the same time helping your team understand the SAP and third-party technologies available for enhancing user experience in context of your IT and business strategies.

User Experience Strategy

The Visioning process prioritizes user-experience initiatives, evaluating productivity and organizational impact against investment.

What’s the best approach for your user experience strategy?

Visioning gets to the best possible solution based on impact-investment analysis.

Tune-up for sound foundational processes and technology that can be optimized with accessible UX tools and automation—low investment, immediate productivity pay-off.

Reengineer for inefficient processes with sound foundational technology. UEx Design Methodology for best-practice process reengineering—moderate investment, significant organizational impact.

Develop for no significant foundational process or technology. UEx Design Methodology for best-practice solution design, engineered with standard SAP and interfacing technologies—strategic investment, transformational impact.

The Visioning Process for User Experience

business-meeting1–2 Days. During Discovery, the vision team members from Linx-AS and your organization meet to:

  • Identify and document user experience painpoints and process inefficiencies;
  • Identify user representatives for impacted roles, departments, or divisions;
  • Audit SAP/IT landscape and confirm future road map;
  • Inventory available UX tools and technologies (SAP and third party);
  • Establish high-level productivity goals.

virtual-diagram1–3 Weeks: Focus on Productivity can range in duration depending on the business-process scope and the number of impacted roles and divisions. The phase involves user workshops to:

  • Conduct productivity benchmarking;
  • Collect user requirements;
  • Assess the value of UX opportunities.

Additionally, technology demonstrations are provided to offer team members insight into potential solutions.

man-with-tablet1 Week: The User Experience Vision ties together the findings and analysis from the discovery and workshop phases into targeted solution recommendations based upon an impact–investment index.

For the identified initiatives, high-level project plans (including resource and cost requirements) are provided with estimated productivity gains and time to ROI. The recommendations and findings are delivered in a user experience strategy document and summarized in an executive presentation.

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A strategic SAP UX road map supported by productivity metrics.

User Experience Vision

Thorough documentation of findings, cost-benefit analysis, recommendations, and strategic road map for UX initiatives

Solution Project Plans

Timeline, internal and external resource requirements, and cost estimates for identified projects

Executive Presentation

C-Level presentation summarizing the vision process and business case for user experience recommendations

Vision Focus Area

UEx Vision Methodology focuses on helping your organization adapt to the consumerization of the enterprise. It defines how your IT leadership can best address growing user expectations and business productivity goals—now and into the future vis-à-vis the SAP technology road map.

Common UX-Enhancing Technologies

SAP Fiori Liquid for SAP ERP
SAP Screen Personas HTML5
SAPUI5 Java/JavaScript
SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal Microsoft SharePoint
SAPGUI Biolock™

Productivity Hotspots

Plant Maintenance
Quality Management
Materials Management
Inventory Management
Employee Self Service
  • “SAP is taking substantial and important steps to improve the user experience in its application portfolio. CIOs and application leaders cannot afford to wait; they must develop their own UX strategy to ensure fruitful adoption of SAP and other business software.”

    – Gartner, Turning Supertankers: Getting SAP UX Right, November 2014