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Business Challenge

This multinational manufacturer—particularly its chemical division—underwent significant growth in a relatively short period of time. The rapid expansion was accompanied by an increasing complexity of systems and processes to support the business. To streamline productivity and reduce costs, the company embarked on a full implementation of SAP. A critical component within the larger scope was to establish regulatory data with standardized processes and systems to support product stewardship, such as:

  • Automation of MSDS authoring, distribution, and management
  • Tracking of hazardous substance volumes shipped to meet requirements for legislation such as REACH and TSCA 12B
  • Automation of label generation to increase efficiency and reduce risk of compliance violation
  • Dangerous goods checks on shipments to assure conformance with international regulations and ensure permission for transport in and through other countries


Linx-AS delivered a global compliance platform with SAP Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), reducing risk and streamlining operational efficiency. With the SAP Specification Database centralizing all regulatory and substance data, the customer now had the flexibility and responsiveness to:

  • Author and approve MSDS more efficiently with SAP Product Safety and integrated third-party regulatory data and rules;
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time necessary to collect data to meet compliance reporting requirements of REACH, International Inventories (8+ China), SARA 313 TRI, CWC, and DEA Mixtures using SAP Substance Volume Tracking (SVT);
  • Improve label creation and maintenance processes with SAP Global Label Management (GLM) via the inherent relationships between materials, substances, and customers;
  • Establish dangerous goods classifications and automate online checks.
sap product safety

Business Impact

  • Single repository for regulatory and substance information
  • Improved global compliance processes
  • Automated MSDS authoring
  • Flexible label creation and printing processes