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Environment, Health, and Safety Management Consulting

Environment, Health, and Safety Management Consulting

Environment, Health & Safety Consulting

EHSSince 2000, Linx-AS has been helping companies develop and implement environment, health, and safety strategies to improve corporate sustainability and to respond to emerging compliance requirements. As the leading ERP vendor in the EHS solution space, SAP provides businesses with a global framework to standardize environment, health, and safety processes and systems and to reap the benefits of integration with SAP ERP.

A strategic EHS roadmap provides critical integration to ERP business processes extending value across the enterprise.

With Linx-AS, an SAP partner versed in both the technology and business processes, you have the expertise that can help you realize the value of your investment in SAP, extending compliance integration across the enterprise to areas such as product development, purchasing, sales & distribution, plant maintenance, and more.

The results are a reduction in compliance risk for your organization, greater responsiveness to regulatory changes and audits, and significant gains in operational efficiency.

Linx-AS Environment, Health & Safety Consulting can help you with…

  • Establishing an integrated vision for business processes and supporting technology for regulatory & compliance
  • Creating, maintaining, and distributing product safety data sheets (SDS), both intermediate & samples
  • Collecting and maintaining vendor SDS
  • Hazardous material transport compliance and classification
  • Hazardous material labeling
  • Product label design and maintenance
  • SARA inventory reporting
  • Hazardous material procurement controls
  • Complying with REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) & RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
  • Workplace incident reporting and investigation (corrective action/preventative action)
  • Managing changes in process chemicals, equipment, technology, procedures, and facilities to comply with management of change (MOC) procedures
  • Hazardous waste management and disposal
  • Air or waste water emissions monitoring and permit compliance

The Benefits of Strategic EHS

Fewer regulatory citations
Reduction in lost-time accident frequency
Lower environment, health & safety costs
Reduction in audit cycle time

Source: For organizations performing in the top 25% as compared to average performers, SAP Performance Benchmarking

Case Study

Streamlining Incident & Accident Management with SAP

Learn how Champion Technologies, a global specialty chemical company, improved corporate sustainability, using the incident and accident management functionality of  SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management.

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Environment, Health & Safety Consulting Services

Linx-AS runs one of the few SAP EHS consulting practices in the world, and we’ve been doing it since 2000. From SDS authoring and approval to incident/accident management and reporting, our expertise has helped global companies strategically resolve regulatory and compliance challenges.

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EHS Strategy

EHS Strategy

Vision Methodology for Environment, Health & Safety is a strategic planning process designed for EHS and IT leadership, delivering a system roadmap to drive proactive management of regulatory and compliance issues.

Product Stewardship

Product Stewardship

Ensuring that every product, its components, and all related documents are compliant with corporate and legislative requirements, including the ability to collaborate with the associated supply chain.

Hazard Communications

Hazard Communications

Clear identification and communication of hazards in or entering the workplace, including hazardous substance inventories, vendor MSDS repository, and standard operating procedures.

Worker/Workplace Safety

Worker/Workplace Safety

Establishing systems and procedures to manage the day-to-day safety in the workplace, including incident reporting, inspections, audits, risk assessments, and corrective/preventative actions (CAPA).

Transportation Safety

Transportation Safety

Managing the processes and document requirements involved in the delivery of dangerous goods.



Managing and tracking activities that relate to the environment, such as air and water emissions, proper waste disposal, and reporting of environmental incidents.

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Core SAP EHS Technologies

SAP Product Safety

Supports automated creation and distribution of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and labels for hazard communications.

SAP Product & REACH Compliance

Supports process and discrete industry manufacturers in meeting the respective product compliance directives and regulations such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals), EU RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances), China RoHS, JIG (Joint Industry Guide), and GADSL (Global Automotive Declarable Substance List).

SAP Dangerous Goods

Classify hazardous materials (hazmat) from a transportation perspective, embedding real-time checks into the logistics execution function. Automates generation of related documents.

SAP Hazardous Substance Management

Central repository for vendor (inbound) MSDS. Supports regulatory reporting and integration with warehouse management processes.

SAP Waste Management

Supports waste disposal processes, captures costs for processing, integrates with purchasing and inventory/warehouse management, and enables creation of Hazardous Waste Manifests (U.S.), German Waste Manifest (BGS), and other similar documents using WWI.

Incident Management

Supports proactive safety program: performing risk assessments and site inspections; managing agent data (e.g., noise, chemicals, exposures); generating standard operating procedures (SOP); and incident/accident management and reporting.

Risk Assessment

Assess risk within your organization as it relates to the environment or health and safety of people. Comply with regulations and gain a comprehensive insight into the situations that involve risk.

Environmental Management

Stay compliant with emissions-related environmental regulations. Create and incorporate a strategy of managing environmentally related data from data collection, sampling, and calculation of emissions into your daily operations.

SAP EHS Process Enablers

SAP Document Management

Used widely across PLM and EHS, DMS is the secure, central repository for documents of all file types.

SAP Workflow

Robust workflow with the capability to handle complex process scenarios, including rejections, re-routing, and substitutions.

SAP Windows Wordprocessor Integration

Functionality for dynamically generating reports in Microsoft Word format from SAP; supports creation of SDS, labels, and more.

Global Label Management

An extension of the WWI functionality, GLM is able to pull non-EHS data into label creation and supports definition of label requirements by packaging hierarchy.

Substance Volume Tracking

Track and monitor logistics operations and automate regulatory checks/notifications. SVT supports compliance with regulatory lists such as TSCA, DSL, and AICS as well as regulations like REACH.

SAP Product Stewardship Network

An online collaboration community that enables companies and their supply chains to exchange sustainability data efficiently.

SAP EHS Regulatory Content

An extensive compliance library and regulatory data tools to increase your company’s ability to comply with ever-changing regulations.

EHS Regulatory Documentation

SAP ERD is a cloud content service, delivering enriched component data, product-specific safety data sheets (SDS), label text, and supporting data for product safety and hazardous materials management.