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Product Lifecycle Management Consulting

Product Lifecycle Management Consulting

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Consulting

PLM The concept seems simple: Think up ideas for new products and services, further develop the concepts that best align with your business strategy, scale up for production, then hand everything over to manufacturing. After that, just keep pace with changes to the product information until you retire or re-engineer the product.

It’s simple until you encounter the massive amount of product data that is PLM; the number of people, partners, and business units involved; and the ever-changing mood of market regulators (to highlight just a few of the complexities in designing a successful PLM program).

The good news is that SAP PLM, with its strategic integration to ERP, provides customers with a proven enterprise platform to unify product data and streamline critical business processes across the organization—all that, as well as the power to scale globally and react locally.

Sustainable product innovation on SAP–ideas and intellectual property funnel into R&D, while market feedback and compliance inform the next generation of products.

Achieving Sustainable Product Innovation

Linx-AS focuses on designing and implementing strategic PLM programs for companies that rely on SAP to run their business. Whether it’s discrete or process manufacturing, we have a deep understanding of the processes driving product development and unmatched technical expertise with the enabling SAP technologies. Added to that is over fifteen years of experience in product compliance, offering our clients a single source for achieving sustainable product innovation.


What can you expect from PLM?

Time-to-Market Reduction
R&D Productivity Improvement
Reduction in SKU Complexity
Resource Utilization Improvement

And there’s more…

  • Greater accuracy of product data
  • Improved visibility of resource use
  • Improved usability of existing product content and related intellectual property
  • Increased ability to model and predict product success
  • Better communication and collaboration of stakeholders

Source: Gartner

Innovate. Envision. Manufacture.

Let Linx-AS PLM consulting bring your best
product ideas to the market at top speed.

PLM Consulting Services

From new product innovation through development and manufacturing, we can make your business more profitable with SAP technology and Linx-AS solution accelerators.

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PLM Strategy

PLM Strategy

Vision Methodology for PLM™  is a rapid planning process designed to establish a strategic PLM roadmap in as little as two weeks.

Innovation Management

Innovation Management

Streamline the generation and evaluation of new product ideas in alignment with your business strategy and product & intellectual property portfolios.

Portfolio & Projects

Portfolio & Projects

Gain visibility into new product development from concept evaluation through project execution. Better predict profitable products and optimize resource utilization.

Product Formulation

Product Formulation

Establish a single source of ingredients and raw materials. Manage recipe development with integrated compliance checks.

Design Engineering

Design Engineering

Implement streamlined engineering change management processes with CAD systems integrated into SAP Engineering Control Center.

Quality Testing

Quality Testing

Ensure proper product testing procedures are in place with systems to efficiently collect and monitor quality results.

Packaging Management

Packaging Management

End-to-end packaging specification development and approval using the SAP Specification Database and enhanced SAP workflow.

Labeling & Artwork

Labeling & Artwork

Streamline the process for creating label and packaging artwork, integrating enterprise product data to reduce compliance risk. Improve collaboration between marketing, packaging design, and regulatory teams.

Product Compliance

Product Compliance

Establish a global platform to comply with requirements of REACH, RoHS, TSCA and more. Drive compliance checking upstream to product development and integrate product stewardship into your R&D processes.

Supplier Collaboration

Supplier Collaboration

Improve communication, workflow, and data exchange with suppliers, contract manufacturers, and other business partners. Automate the import/export of product specifications and documents directly in SAP PLM.

Manufacturing Handoff

Manufacturing Handoff

Make the transformation from R&D to manufacturing more efficient and maintain synchronization between manufacturing BOMs & eBOMS, and general, site & master recipes.

At Linx-AS, PLM is an art. We design and deliver solutions

with technical excellence and exceptional attention to detail.

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Core SAP PLM Technologies

SAP Enterprise Product Development

Innovate, collaborate, and develop new products on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP Portfolio & Project Management

Gain executive visibility to product portfolios and manage the execution and resources on new product development projects.

SAP Recipe Development

Unify ingredient, formula, and recipe specifications. Streamline product development and labeling processes.

SAP Engineering Control Center

A holistic product viewer and single integration point to SAP Document Management System (DMS) for MCAD systems. Allows engineers to collect all product information and to link to parts and material masters.

SAP Specification Database

Robust and flexible, the foundation for many PLM programs, housing specifications such as ingredients, raw materials, formulas, recipes, packaging components and more.

SAP Quality Management

Supports tasks associated with quality planning, quality inspection and quality control.

SAP PLM Process Enablers

SAP Document Management

Used widely across PLM (and available across all applications), DMS is the secure, central repository for product-related documents of all file types.

SAP Engineering Change Management

A central logistics function used to change various aspects of production basic data (for example, bills of materials (BOMs), task lists, materials, and documents) while maintaining full change history.

SAP Workflow

Robust workflow with the capability to handle complex process scenarios, including rejections, re-routing, and substitutions.


SAP Collaboration Folders (cFolders) and Access Control Management (ACM) provide flexibility to companies to collaborate both internally and externally on PLM objects.

SAP Visual Enterprise

Accelerate decision making, optimize productivity, and improve quality with software that integrates 3D visualization and business data in PLM processes.

Product Structure Management

For complex products with numerous variations, PSM lets you modify existing product designs and react quickly to customer requests.

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