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Sustainable Product Innovation in SAP

Sustainable Product Innovation in SAP

Fourty-five percent of enterprises are now building direct-to-consumer fulfillment strategies according to SCM World’s Chief Supply Chain Officer Report 2014.

Social media platforms and mobility are giving consumers increasingly more power over product ideas and requirements. As a result, manufacturers are expected to deliver more product variety and personalized solutions in less time.

Success in this right now economy requires closing the information cycle from product idea and evaluation through design and manufacture. SAP PLM enables today’s manufacturers to do just that.

In this webcast, Linx-AS will share its strategic approach to enabling a successful discrete PLM program and take a closer look at technologies to improve engineering productivity and shorten design cycles, including:

  • SAP Innovation Management
  • SAP Portfolio & Project Management (SAP PPM)
  • SAP Engineering Control Center
  • SAP Product Structure Management
  • Embedded product compliance

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