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Enterprise User Experience Consulting

Enterprise User Experience Consulting

Enterprise User Experience Consulting

UEx So what makes enterprise user experience different than user experience (UX)? Traditional UX design firms may argue there is no difference. However, while designing the most productive experience for users remains the goal of both, the complexity of SAP should not be underestimated. Depending on a customer’s SAP release, the modules & applications involved, mobile framework, and more, getting to the optimal user experience is much more than a wire-framing and design exercise.

Enterprise User Experience Design

Enterprise UEx strikes a balance between the functionality of foundational technologies and the needs and expectations of the business and users.

What do you want SAP to do?

At Linx-AS, many of our consultants have been working in SAP for more than 20 years. Our understanding of the foundational technology and its ongoing evolution informs our UEx methodology to deliver solutions that align with long-term IT strategy, achieve immediate business goals, and delight end users, all within the framework of the enterprise landscape.

Through an iterative design and prototyping process, our UEx team works closely with our SAP technical engineers, communicating SAP role and end user requirements to ensure the optimum technology is used to create the intended enterprise user experience. So whether it is a single-minded SAP Fiori app or a multilayered solution for Enterprise Asset Management, we can get SAP to do whatever you want it to do, wherever you want it.

Enterprise UEx Development Methodology

Linx-AS UEx Methodology combines SAP role and process definition with iterative user testing throughout solution design and development.

ROI of User Centered Design

More accurate build time and cost estimates
Reduction in clarification requests by the development team
Reduction in rework & bug fixes post-launch
Reduction in support costs after usability testing

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Strategic Data Consulting Special Report. UX Business Impacts and ROI

White paper

Why CIOs Shouldn’t Fear Enterprise UX

Strip away the jargon, demystify the key UX technologies available to SAP customers,
and lay out a strategic approach to user experience across your SAP landscape.

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Imagine the Possibilities.

With the consumerization of the enterprise, the

opportunities to boost productivity & innovation

with SAP are endless. And Linx-AS UEx can help.

UEx Consulting Services

Whether you’re establishing an enterprise user experience strategy or looking to develop a custom SAP Fiori app, Linx-AS UEx consulting can help you and your users get the most out of your investment in SAP.

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User Experience Strategy

User Experience Strategy

Vision Methodology for Enterprise User Experience is an accelerated planning process designed to establish an enterprise user experience strategy across your SAP landscape.

User Experience Design

User Experience Design

Linx-AS UEx Design Methodology helps improve user productivity through a structured process of developing role- or persona-based solutions.

Productivity Benchmark

Productivity Benchmark

Uncover process inefficiencies and improvement opportunities with our productivity benchmarking in areas such as SAP Plant Maintenance, Quality Management, Materials Management, and more.

Process Re-engineering

Process Re-engineering

Linx-AS UEx Methodology and best practices can simplify and streamline your current business processes and standardize user roles across the organization.

UI Design

UI Design

Eliminate the clutter, focus on the user, and boost productivity with Linx-AS UI Design services for SAP.

Mobile Deployment

Mobile Deployment

Take the enterprise with you—SAP mobile deployment solutions for Android, iOS, Windows, and more.

Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Co-innovate with our UEx team to develop a custom business solution or get a head start with one of our industry solution accelerators.

Find out how Linx-AS can rapidly enhance user productivity

and free up your IT budget for impactful innovation.

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Core SAP UX Technologies

SAP Fiori

The new UX for SAP software, which applies modern design principles for a completely reimagined user experience— personalized, responsive and simple across all devices and deployment options.


SAPUI5 supports application developers in creating fast and easy User Interface Applications based on HTML5 and JavaScript.

SAP Screen Personas

Personalize and transform the user interface of SAP applications and create role-specific flavors that can be managed centrally or by the individual user.

SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal

A key building block in the SAP NetWeaver architecture, portals provide users with a single point of access to information, enterprise applications, and services both inside and outside an organization.


The GUI client in SAP R/3’s 3-tier architecture of database, application server, and client, which allows a user to access SAP functionality and applications.

Complementary Technologies

Liquid for SAP ERP

Synactive’s flagship platform for simplifying and customizing SAP applications.


The core technology markup language of the Internet used for structuring and presenting content for the Web.

Microsoft SharePoint

Web application platform in the Microsoft Office server suite, capable of integrating with SAP.


Fundamental object-oriented programming and scripting languages used in solution development.


The only biometric identity and access management software certified by SAP.