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American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo 2021

American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo 2021

Virtual Booth Solution Spotlight

Mobilize Your Safety Force

Take a tour of a Take-A-Note, a hazard reporting & analytics app that is part of WorkSafe Cloud — a suite of risk management applications for SAP environment, health, and safety developed by Linx-AS.

Managing COVID-19 with SAP EHS

There’s no doubt COVID-19 will continue to shape and reshape business operations. SAP EHS provides the foundational components to help health and safety practitioners manage these challenges. Take a quick look at our solution brief for approaching this dynamic crisis.

Incident Management Accelerated!

Take a quick look at our rapid implementation package for SAP EHS—ROI Now for Incident Management. This bundle of best practices, software enhancements, delivery accelerators, and support shrinks your project timeline and costs.

Show Special!

Take advantage of a free online workshop with our EHS practice leadership to help you design an SAP EHS roadmap to fit you current and future business needs. The session is based on our Vision Methodology™ for EHS which lays out a strategic approach to implementing the breadth of functionality available in the enterprise solution, ensuring best-practice business process and logistics integration.

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