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Best Practices for Hazardous Substance Management in SAP

Best Practices for Hazardous Substance Management in SAP

Streamlining hazard approvals and access to safety & regulatory data with SAP EHS and Fiori—a key component of the SAP business solutions value map for operational integrity

Protecting employees from hazardous substances and maintaining an accurate, accessible library of safety data sheets (SDS) is critical for workplace safety and complying with a worker’s right-to-know. In doing so, every potential hazard that comes into a company must be approved for its intended use and application within a work area.

EHS departmental oversight of these transactions is often hampered by lack of visibility into paper-based processes that rely on informed judgement and manual intervention. In the end, it’s inefficient and puts both the business and its employees at risk.

Learn How Linx-AS Is Simplifying Hazardous Substance Management.

Join us for a webcast on the best practices for SAP Hazardous Substance Management (HSM) which enables tracking and approval of incoming hazard inventories and easy access to safety and regulatory data with an enhanced SAP Fiori application. The presentation and demo will cover:

  • Developing a roadmap to right size an HSM solution to fit your company’s needs
  • System walk-through of the chemical approval workflow in Hazardous Substance Management
  • Exploration of the powerful search capabilities for critical safety data including: trade names, company-specific identifiers, SDS documents, hazardous ingredients, regulatory lists, and more
  • Improving user experience and access to critical data with an enhancement to the standard SAP Fiori application that works on any mobile device and operating system

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