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New DevEX Module Closes Gaps in SAP for Process Industries

New DevEX Module Closes Gaps in SAP for Process Industries

New DevEx Module Closes Gaps in SAP for Process Industries

New York, NY – September 15, 2005 – Selerant, developer of innovative enterprise software for product lifecycle management (PLM), today released a new module of its DevEX software as a “composite application” fully integrated with SAP R/3. The DevEX product leverages the SAP NetWeaver™ platform, its component, SAP® Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI), and SAP Enterprise Portals to bring the popular web-based software into a native SAP environment.

Development of the composite application was the joint effort of Selerant and Linx-AS, LLC, an SAP consulting firm specializing in New Product Development and Introduction (NPDI) for process-manufacturing industries. Positioned as an industry solution alliance, the two firms collaborated to bring the planning and manufacturing strength of SAP together with the robust formulation and regulatory capability of traditional DevEX.

“DevEX has been very well received as the software of choice by R&D because of its creativity and flexibility. Where we’ve met resistance is at companies that have committed investments to SAP across the enterprise. Now, with DevEX as a composite application, we can bring our expertise in formula-driven manufacturing into any IT environment,” commented Jacopo Colombo, Chief Technical Officer of Selerant.

Prior to this release, DevEX’s .NET architecture integrated with SAP systems via a certified connector to address the distinct proprietary connection issues of the ERP system. The composite application, now pending “Powered by SAP NetWeaver™” certification per the SAP Composite Application Framework requirements, will enable reliable, real-time communication between the two systems. Official certification is anticipated in mid-Q4 2005.

“Bringing DevEX and SAP together bridges identified gaps in SAP Recipe Management, specifically surrounding collaboration, regulatory compliance, nutrient declaration, and claims management” explains Jeff Frye, president of Linx-AS. “Now, food, beverage, fragrance, pharmaceutical, chemical—truly any process manufacturer who is running SAP—has a real and tested solution out of the box.”

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About Linx-AS

For over 15 years, Linx-AS has been helping businesses be more of what they aspire to be with SAP—strategic, innovative, sustainable, and profitable. With consulting practices in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), and User Experience (UEx), Linx-AS is a recognized leader in transforming global R&D-to-manufacturing processes, integrating product compliance & stewardship, and optimizing enterprise user productivity in desktop, mobile, and off-line environments.

Linx-AS is a trademark of Linx-AS LLC. SAP and all other SAP product and service names mentioned herin are trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries around the world.

About Selerant

Founded in 1990, Selerant Corporation focuses solely on formula-based product development software to expedite time to market, ensure quality and regulatory compliance, improve product quality, and build lasting relationships with their customers. Earning the prestigious ISO-9001: 2000 certification for best practices, as well as successfully achieving FDA 21CFR PART II compliance implementation, Selerant provides exceptional service and solutions for over 500 companies and global mid-sized organizations. With a global presence and over 300 cumulative years of experience, Selerant offers unique expertise to serve leaders in process manufacturing industries, including: Food, Beverage, Flavor, Chemicals, Paint, Ink, Fragrance, Household Goods, Pharmaceuticals, and Cosmetics.

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