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Linx-AS User Experience Consulting Practice

Linx-AS User Experience Consulting Practice

Brochure: Linx-AS User Experience Consulting Practice

At Linx-AS, many of our consultants have been working in SAP for more than 20 years. Our understanding of the foundational technology and its ongoing evolution informs our UEx methodology to deliver solutions that align with long-term IT strategy, achieve immediate business goals, and delight end users, all within the framework of the enterprise landscape.

Through an iterative design and prototyping process, our UEx team works closely with our SAP technical engineers, communicating SAP role and end user requirements to ensure the optimum technology is used to create the intended user experience. So whether it is a single-minded SAP Fiori app or a multilayered solution for Enterprise Asset Management, we can get SAP to do whatever you want it to do, wherever you want it.

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