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Best Practices for Compliance Management in SAP Recipe Development

Best Practices for Compliance Management in SAP Recipe Development

In today’s market, businesses are continually looking for that edge, seeking ways to drive innovation more efficiently, bring products to market faster, and respond to customers with agility. For process manufacturers in highly regulated industries such as food & beverage and chemicals, compliance management is very much seen as a roadblock to market. Meticulous tracking of product formulations for hundreds of regulations across too many jurisdictions is a necessary but cumbersome part of the new product development process.

Turn Compliance into a Competitive Advantage.

While many companies continue to wrestle with the compliance challenge, forward-thinking manufacturers are integrating regulatory compliance management early in the product development process. Performing checks up front can significantly reduce time to market, decrease the risk of recalls and product waste, and improve product and supply-chain stewardship. As a result, many R&D organizations are investing in enterprise product development platforms such as SAP Recipe Development, which allow them to consolidate product data and manage compliance at multiple stages of development.

This process PLM webcast explores the complexities of compliance and highlights the benefits of addressing compliance verification proactively. Content includes:

  • Current trends in systems supporting product development and the drivers for investment
  • Best practices for adding compliance management in SAP Recipe Development
  • Business benefits that an integrated product development solution can deliver
  • System demonstration of compliance checking for multiple industry scenarios in SAP Recipe Development.

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