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Visual Planning for Complex Products

Visual Planning for Complex Products

Organizing the right product data from engineering and translating that for manufacturing purposes is not always straightforward, especially when incorporating configurable design changes into manufacturing specific bills of materials.

To bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing, SAP 3D Visual Enterprise features Product Structure Management (PSM) to simplify complex product structures with 3D graphical support by bringing CAD models into the product structure as a foundation for SAP Variant Configuration (VC).

Join us for a webcast as we dive into the visual aspect of PSM and demonstrate how supporting applications, such as the Visual Instance Planner and Visual Manufacturing Planner, are used to incorporate 3D models into the product structure for VC and support handover to manufacturing. Functions demonstrated in this session include:

  • Controlling object dependency with Dependency Maintenance Tables
  • Visualizing the result of a defined variant configuration with a dynamic 3D model
  • Detecting missing instances graphically for a defined product configuration and identifying source structural changes
  • Creating new Product Item Variants (PIVs) and assigning geometric instances to the product structure
  • Deriving plant specific MBOMs graphically with drag & drop from the 3D model of the product structure
  • Managing changes to PIVs and geometric instances with SAP Engineering Change Management

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