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PLM Vision

Linx-AS Vision Methodology for Product Lifecycle Management

An accelerated planning process for developing a strategic yet practical PLM roadmap.

Give us two weeks and you’ll be seeing PLM 20/20. Shortly thereafter, your roadblocks to market should start clearing up—especially if your business runs SAP.

Vision Methodology for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) was designed to help companies avoid reacting to pain points. Instead, it provides a framework for business and IT leadership to make strategic decisions over time, with consideration of industry benchmarking and trends, SAP technology roadmap, and the unique processes that make each company successful.

The Visioning Process for PLM

Vision Methodology for PLM-plm strategy



Engage lays the groundwork for the engagement. Together, we establish the core team of resources required, set executive goals and expectations, audit the current SAP/IT landscape, and document known pain points.



In Focus, the team looks at a specific business process or group of processes to determine efficiencies, inefficiencies, and how SAP or complementary solutions can optimize the business.



Vision synthesizes the findings into a PLM road map: prioritized, incremental projects supported by business case resource requirements. Each project has stage-gate ROI goals, so a measure of success, consistency, and progress can be documented as the larger strategic vision rolls out.