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Linx-AS Announces Launch of WorkSafe Suite Solution

Linx-AS Announces Launch of WorkSafe Suite Solution

Linx-AS Announces Launch of WorkSafe Suite Solution to Support Global Worker/Workplace Compliance on SAP Solutions

The SAP NetWeaver-based application leverages SAP Environment, Health & Safety (SAP EH&S) to strengthen and support organizational compliance procedures and reduce exposure to legal risk and brand damage. 

King of Prussia, PA – December 10, 2007 – Linx-AS LLC (, a product lifecycle management (PLM) consulting firm and member of SAP’s industry value network (IVN) for chemicals, announced the product release of WorkSafe Suite™ ( WorkSafe Suite is comprised of three complementary modules: WorkSafe HAZCON™ for hazardous substance control; WorkSafe EVENTS™ for incident/accident reporting and investigation; and WorkSafe CLAIMS™ for case management.

WorkSafe Suite is built with SAP NetWeaver® platform-based technology to enable web browser access to standard compliance functionality within the SAP® Environment, Health & Safety (SAP EH&S) application, part of SAP solutions for governance, risk, and compliance (SAP solutions for GRC)—such as Hazardous Substance Management, Industrial Hygiene & Safety, and Occupational Health. In addition, WorkSafe Suite is role based, enhancing the user experience with data and functions tailored to specific business users.

Enterprise strength and user friendly.
In the competitive landscape of compliance applications, SAP EH&S stands apart in the enterprise space. In “Technology Options To Support EH&S Compliance,” (AMR Research, February 2007) Simon Jacobson writes, “SAP is the one enterprise vendor with a significant EH&S product, spanning capabilities that affect people, products, and processes.” The senior research analyst continues, “Other ERP providers do not have this level of EH&S depth on their roadmaps.”

SAP EH&S has served as the compliance platform for global businesses since the late ’90s. Linx-AS created the web communication layer to provide users with options for accessing the robust enterprise functionality and data. In turn, businesses can implement user-centric solutions for complying with legislation enacted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), International Labour Organization (ILO) and other regulatory bodies.

“WorkSafe Suite was designed to leverage the existing strength of the SAP EH&S platform without creating redundant or competitive functionality,” explains Matthew Duka, director of marketing communications for Linx-AS. “It gives enterprise users choices on how they want to input, access, and work with compliance data—whether it’s a web page, interactive form, or mobile device. What’s more, it gives IT organizations a roadmap for reducing point-solution complexity and lowering the total cost of ownership.”

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For over 15 years, Linx-AS has been helping businesses be more of what they aspire to be with SAP—strategic, innovative, sustainable, and profitable. With consulting practices in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Environment, Health & Safety (EHS), and User Experience (UEx), Linx-AS is a recognized leader in transforming global R&D-to-manufacturing processes, integrating product compliance & stewardship, and optimizing enterprise user productivity in desktop, mobile, and off-line environments.

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