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International SAP Conference for Oil, Gas, and Energy 2022

International SAP Conference for Oil, Gas, and Energy 2022

May 17-19, 2022

Energy in Transition: Innovations for a Sustainable Future

As we progress into 2022, oil, gas, and energy suppliers are now looking beyond pandemic-related challenges to reinvent themselves by adopting long-term sustainable asset management strategies, transforming business models, committing to climate change, and optimizing their existing portfolios. Companies have a growing focus on meeting and exceeding environmental, social, and governmental requirements as they face growing pressure not only from governmental agencies but also from investors, consumers, and a tight labour market.

As the industry commits to embracing the energy transition, we seek to remain at the forefront of change and innovation. To reflect that transformation, the former International SAP Conference for Oil, Gas and Energy is now the International SAP Conference for Energy. This year’s agenda also reflect the evolution at play, with industry majors sharing how SAP solutions are helping them drive transformation and innovate for a sustainable future.

This long-standing community event continues to provide you with quality, exclusive, business-centric, customer-focused expertise, networking, and content. We look forward to seeing you again face-to-face to share best practices, insights and embrace the energy transition for an impact-driven, technology-enabled, and human-powered sustainable future.

We are thrilled to meet you in person again at The International SAP Conference for Energy in 2022!

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