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EPISODE 6: The Next Big Idea? SAP Innovation Management

EPISODE 6: The Next Big Idea? SAP Innovation Management

PLMin10, Episode 6

The Next Big Idea? SAP Innovation Management

Ideas are everywhere…

Scratched in notebooks and buried in desk drawers. Typed in Word docs ten directories deep on hard drives. Casually captured on mobile phones just a sync away from the cloud and recent memory. It’s true. Companies lose good ideas every day.

And, ideas aren’t just for R&D and Marketing. Product, service, and process innovations can be found across the enterprise from customer service and manufacturing to compliance, quality, and beyond.

So, how are today’s successful companies tapping into their greatest resource, their people, to:

  • Improve innovation effectiveness and pick the right ideas for development
  • Bridge innovation silos across functions, business units, and locations
  • Find new solutions for existing or future problems
  • Speed up idea-to-concept phase
  • Foster employee engagement

In this episode of PLMin10, we’ll explore the Idea Community in SAP Innovation Management, an easy-to-use platform that fosters innovation engagement and channels the ideas and experiences of users into validated campaigns.