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Defend Against COVID-19 with SAP EHS and WorkSafe Cloud

Deploy a digital defense against COVID-19 and other infectious diseases in just 30 days.

Software to help you:

Identify at-risk jobs and work areas
Assess for microorganism exposure
Implement proper controls
Reevaluate for residual risk

Apps that let you:

Identify symptomatic personnel
Isolate and evaluate cases
Conduct field assessments
Track and resolve incidents

Analytics and reporting for:

Distancing thresholds
Occupancy restrictions
Cleansing and PPE controls
Proximate infection trends

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With SAP EHS and WorkSafe Cloud, you can get back to work safely, ensure continuous operations, and comply with emerging state, OSHA, and CDC guidelines.



An enterprise-strength solution for consolidating data and enabling end-to-end business processes for managing incidents, hazards, risk assessments, and more.

WorkSafe Cloud

A suite of risk management apps that complement SAP EHS with functionality for health questionnaires, hazard recognition, root cause analysis, and analytics


Project Accelerators

Packaged implementation assets to propel your project: preconfiguration for risks, incidents, and locations; predesigned analytics; standard OSHA reporting, and more.

Our amplify solution will have your project live in just 30 days.

COVID Project Timeline

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