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Consol Glass using bioLock™ Biometric Identity Management with SAP®

Consol Glass using bioLock™ Biometric Identity Management with SAP®

Console Glass using bioLock Biometric Identity Management with SAP.

Console Glass completes the deployment and installation of the realTime bioLock Suite to safeguard their SAP information and critical business processes.

Randburg, South Africa – September 24, 2012 – Linx-AS Africa, a member of the Linx-AS ( global organization, is pleased to announce the completion of the installation and deployment of the realtime bioLock Suite for Consol Glass in South Africa. Linx-AS Africa is the only Certified Installation Partner and Exclusive Reseller for the bioLock Solution Suite in Africa.

The bioLock Suite was deployed to provide biometric check points within SAP for specific transactions supporting Vendor Data Management, Payments, Payroll Processes and Customer Returns in Retail Operations. In some cases, for example where Vendor Payments are released from SAP dual confirmation is required to ensure that no single user can authorize and release this process without another authorized fingerprint authentication to activate release to the banking institution. The comprehensive audit log provides not only all successful actions but also records all unauthorized attempts to access such critical processes or data as well as the location from where such attempts took place.

Comments Johan du Plessis, Consol Glass CIO, “After careful evaluation of various options to safeguard critical business processes, we have decided to proceed with the deployment of the bioLock Suite. It has moved Consol to a level of SAP transaction process security way beyond that offered by traditional User Name and Password based methods. With a robust audit trial we can now provide and prove full compliance to generally accepted good governance practices, compliance and policies”.

With the deployment of the bioLock Suite SAP customers elevate the entire system and information security to a level well above that offered by traditional authentication models. Access to critical processes, transactions and data can now be locked down with access based on a set of biometric user credentials. The bioLock Identity Management Suite for SAP safeguards the entire user base, not only those users for whom bioLock biometric profiles are created and maintained.

According to Werner Simpson, Director of Linx-AS Africa, “we have seen a number of high profile security breaches in the recent past. Consol Glass has again taken the lead to implement a solution that cannot be circumvented in any way. We are really pleased to offer the bioLock to SAP in this market. Apart from legislative challenges, companies and SAP customers in general are facing more skilled and ruthless opportunists that will do anything to get unauthorized access to their corporate assets. The bioLock Suite is recognized as the gold standard for Biometric Identity Management within SAP and can certainly provide the ultimate protection”.

Thomas Neudenberger, COO of realtime North America Inc, says that “bioLock Suite is the only Biometric Identity Management Solution certified by SAP and available today. With bioLock embedded in SAP NetWeaver, integration and version compatibility is assured. The bioLock Solution implementation is using the SAP reserved namespace for bioLock in the ABAP Stack. The biometric check points can be implemented wherever it is needed, this mitigating the risk of loss or unauthorized access”.

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Consol Glass is the largest glass container manufacturer in Africa and through service excellence, quality and product innovation is able to deliver world class packaging solutions. The company, now over 65 years old, is responsible for supplying glass packaging to a variety of industries, including the food and beverage market, as well as the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and tableware industries, and has a market share of 78%. Consol is committed to supporting a sustainable future and the incorporation of recycled glass (cullet) in its manufacturing process. A significant player in the world of glass packaging, Consol is recognized internationally for excellence and quality in the glass manufacturing industry. For further information, visit

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Werner Simpson
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