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Beating the Competition to Market

Beating the Competition to Market

Beating the Competition to Market

Orlando, FL – May 18, 2006 – Linx-AS president, Jeff Frye, addressed the consumer products industry at SAPPHIRE 2006 in Orlando, Florida, providing the audience with insight into managing innovation through a strategic approach to Product Lifecycle Management.

“We routinely run up against two recurring issues in the marketplace today. First is the confusion between PLM and NPDI (New Product Development & Introduction). Second is that clients often target tactical pain points without looking at the bigger PLM picture,” declared Frye.

The session continued with Frye drawing a clearer definition of PLM as both technological and process components, showing how strategic business initiatives, such as NPDI, are supported in a properly designed PLM landscape.

“Ultimately, when systems, workflow and data are aligned, profitable ideas get identified and to market faster,” Frye concluded. “The enterprise supports innovation and your process model evolves to be smarter and more efficient.”

Linx-AS is the go-to-market partner with SAP for NPDI in the consumer products industry. Digital copies of Jeff Frye’s presentation can be obtained by emailing a request to the media contact listed below.

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