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PLM Road Map & PDT Fall 2020

PLM Road Map & PDT Fall 2020

November 17-19, 2020
Virtual Event

Digital Thread—the PLM Professionals’ Path to Delivering Innovation, Efficiency, and Quality

The Digital Thread is a multifaceted opportunity with implications affecting innovation, efficiency, and quality. Many companies view these dimensions as a tradeoff and define performance improvement goals and strategies to achieve what they see as an optimum balance between the three. However, for companies that manufacture airplanes, automobiles, medical devices, military equipment, heavy machinery, and the AEC sector, innovation, efficiency, and quality are independent imperatives, and improvements in all three dimensions are aggressively sought-after.

Innovation and efficiency are the basis for competitive success, while quality is existential and subject to government oversight and regulation. Leaders in these industries have developed strategies and are pursuing implementations of the Digital Thread in ways that enhance their innovation platform, increase efficiency of development, production, and service, as well as their ability to assure compliance with the highest standards of product quality.

In the tradition of providing an event tailored to the interests of PLM Professionals, we have crafted an agenda that presents a mix of reports from teams of industry domain experts working to remediate pain points that inhibit the Digital Thread, and case studies from program managers responsible for Digital Thread strategies and implementations within their companies.

Agenda topics will be addressed from the perspective of future state requirements, roadmaps, and transformational implementations encompassing people, process, and technology and will include:

  • Lifecycle configuration management of products and systems
  • Minimum model-based definition (MBD) required to achieve the Digital Twin
  • Collaboration through the extended enterprise
  • Model-based systems engineering (MBSE)
  • Standards to support the Digital Thread
  • Implementation models including cloud and hybrid
  • Security and IP protection in PLM
  • Use of BI, AI, and other technologies that support the democratization of PLM

Don’t miss PLM Road Map & PDT Fall 2020 virtual on 17-19 November 2020 if you are at all concerned with innovation, efficiency, and quality. By joining us virtually you will have the opportunity to interact with PLM leaders and peers, learn about successes and trends, and take the next step in your journey as a PLM professional making the digital transformation of your organization smoother with reduced risk.