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Enterprise UX 2017

Enterprise UX 2017

June 7-9, 2017
The Innovation Hangar
San Francisco, CA

Enterprises—huge, distributed, complex businesses, government agencies, and other large organizations—account for an enormous portion of the global economy. Yet people who engage with enterprises—employees, customers, and managers—face experiences that are tedious, fragmented, complicated, and just plain awful, especially when compared with consumer-facing experiences. It’s time to right these wrongs.


There are dozens of excellent UX-related conferences. Why do we need one more?

Because enterprise UX problems are uniquely wicked ones, with overwhelming challenges of scale, complexity, and distributed decision-making, and intertwined with organizational behavior. Rather than covering basic UX skills, Enterprise UX 2017 will provide inspiration and models of success from leading organizations like Hewlett-Packard, Pacific Gas & Electric, and SAP. The conference will cover how UX is practiced in these enterprises, and how in turn UX is changing the way those enterprises work.

The Enterprise UX 2017 program focuses on four themes that tell the story of enterprise UX, sandwiched by inspiring keynotes and punctuated by an enterprise UX storytelling session.

  • Crafting Enterprise Experiences
  • Leading Teams That Execute
  • Transcending Silos
  • Creating a Legacy